Adam Farmer In Robert Cormier's I Am The Cheese

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“Heigh-ho, the merry-o, the cheese stands alone...I know, of course, who I am, who I will always be. I am the cheese.” Said Adam Farmer in Robert Cormier’s “I am the Cheese”. In the story, Adam does not remember his tragic past and undertakes the task of trying to remember it. Brint, a so called psychologist, helps Adam uncover his past. With the help of Brint, Adam remembers how his family was undercover, in a Re-Identification Program, because of information his father uncovers as a newspaper reporter. The Farmer family was really the Delmonte family. With this discovery, Brint becomes intrigued with Adam and Adam becomes upset, and his insanity becomes more and more evident. Adam’s personality, especially his skepticism, instability, and persistence helps him to overcome the traumatic events of his past. Adam’s skepticism helps him to realize and overcome his past. In the story, Adam is skeptical of Brint’s intentions, and is careful when conversing with him, “A: I have a feeling that you already know about them. I have a…show more content…
Finding out and remembering the phone call of his mother talking to his aunt caused Adam to spy on his father. “I heard my father’s voice. He was saying, ‘He’s becoming suspicious-he was listening at the cellar door. He was trying to hear what Thompson and I were saying’...’He should stop coming here...Grey-Thompson-all these years we called him Grey and now he’s someone else’” (114). After he listens in on his father due to his curiosity, his father walks in on him and Adam blows up. He asks his father about everything he was suspicious about. His father proceeds to tell him about the Re-Identification program, why it happened, about them being the Demontes, and how anyone and everyone who knows needs to keep it a top secret (113-114). Adam’s skepticism leads him to major discoveries of his
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