Liz Welch's I Will Always Write Back

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The book I Will Always Write Back by Liz Welch is a wonderful story about two pen pals, a girl from America and a boy from Zimbabwe, who become best friends throughout the story. Adding onto this, throughout each letter they share parts of their lives with each other. When, Caitlin found out that Martin lived in a really poor family in Zimbabwe and once his dad lost his job, there was no one left to take care of his family, she decided to start sending Martin money. She not only helped Martin stay in school, but also helped him and his family survive. This analysis will show how Liz Welch developed important relationships between characters, how unique story structures are very important to the story and how the setting impacts …show more content…

When the author used these unique story structures, it really helped the story flow better and it cause the reader to think deeper about the story because it shows the letters and emails and how the protagonists, Martin and Caitlin, communicated back and forth with each other. One of the letters that is included in this story really helps the reader understand how Martin feels about Caitlin and how much Caitlin has helped out Martin and his family. One of the letters in the book says, “I am very glad about the way your lovin family and you are helping our poor family. Words cannot express how deep your love is for me and my family” (Welch 163). This example of one of the unique story structures in the book helps the reader understand more about the relationship between them and how strong and important their bond is. Their letters are so important to the story not only because it help show their amazing relationship and what they actually wrote to each other, but also, when Caitlin and Martin are writing each other, it gives them the motivation the need to keep going forward no matter what obstacles they are facing. They text says, “ I promise you this: One day I will be one of the African students at one of your universities” (Welch 180). This is also important to the story because it helps the reader imagine and understand how important these letters were because they helped motivate Caitlin and Martin because they were so determined to meet each

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