Strategic Decision Making And Management Bus201 Unit 4

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Unit 4 Written Assignment Department of Management, University of the People BUS 5117-01-AY2023-T3: Strategic Decision-Making and Management Dr. Karthika P 22 February 2023 Unit 4 Written Assignment Founded in 1985 by Phil Gosling, Wellington Brewery is one of the oldest and most well-known microbreweries from Guelph, Ontario. Its competitive advantage is differentiation, offering several styles/flavors of original products with a distinctively English style, as well as a variety of options in terms of size and type of containers. We will establish a value chain for the company, identify the strongest and weakest links, prepare a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis for the company, and then identify the key …show more content…

I chose to go with technology development as this facilitates innovative new products and processes to capture the imagination and pallet of their customers whilst optimizing the production and distribution process to reduce wastage (costs) and strengthen the profitability of the …show more content…

This has been extended by their ongoing development of new products, some being seasonal and others adding to the innovative blends and flavors. It is also supplemented by its efforts to offer its products in glass, cans, or kegs, offering them in various sizes and quantities, and expanding its distribution channels as supported by its highly motivated sales staff, and its marketing and sales efforts which integrate social media to help with the promotion of the company and its CSR efforts. Accordingly, the competitive advantage around which the company revolves is that of differentiation, and the company must take all efforts to analyze its weaknesses and threats to negate or remove these

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