A Rhetorical Analysis Of Pepsico

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PepsiCo had introduced their new formula product to the world in 1999 and the product had finally become available in the United States in 2003. The company promised that the new Sierra Mist Natural lemon-lime soda is going to be make with natural flavors, real sugar, and nothing artificial. Additionally, they used the nature as their themes in the advertisement campaigns to boost the products’ freshness feelings for the audiences to see and feel when they look at the advertisement. PepsiCo targets audiences who love natural, no caffeine, freshness, and make with real sugars products. To be able to get the audience’s attention, PepsiCo uses the strategies of ethos, pathos, and logos to inform the audiences to get their product. What is ethos?…show more content…
Pathos defines as an appeal to emotion, and is a way of convincing an audience of an argument by creating an emotional response. The company used a lot of pathos in their advertisement campaigns to get audiences’ believe that their new Sierra Mist Natural is good. They used pathos in different ways, the first example of pathos that is common in both of the advertisements is how they include a lot of green trees, flowers, mountain, and very blue sky. It is an example of pathos because it is lively and it considers as promise of delight. That indicates if a person drinks the new Sierra Mist Natural, they will feel fresh, joyful, and lively just like the advertisement campaigns. Another example of pathos of the product that was advertised in both of the advertisement campaign was the statement “Made with real sugar and nothing artificial.” and the words caffeine free on the can, it is a promise of gain. The company trying to convince the audiences that this new soda will be very good for someone who is looking for a natural flavors and refreshing taste soda that does not contain caffeine. PepsiCo emotionally brings the promise to their customers that the new Sierra Mist will come out with a better taste and healthier soda for the audiences. The company wants to give the audiences the good feelings even before they try the new Sierra Mist Natural soda. This would make the audiences wonder and want to try the product because it advertised as a natural flavors…show more content…
Logos defines as an appeal to logic, and is a way of persuading an audience by reason. Both of the advertisement campaigns contain the same saying, which is their slogan for the Sierra Mist Natural, which said “The soda nature would drink if nature drank soda”. It is also an example of logos, because they using a logical statement that allow them to use the audiences’ existing beliefs to prove they should agree with a further claim of this new product. The slogan is indicating the if and then of the logical statement of the examples of logos. The slogan is implying that if the “nature drank soda” which refers to the rainbow that wished to trade its yellow stripe for a mouth to drink the soda or the lake suggests that the soda is the most refreshing thing since itself. The company was hypothetically implying that the rainbow and the lake drank the soda, so then human should drink the natural Sierra Mist soda too because it is natural and the nature drank it. This if and then logical statement the company was using as their main slogan for the new Sierra Mist Natural soda to persuade audiences that it is from the nature and so it is natural. PepsiCo came up with a new formula for a natural flavors drink soda and they presented it with ethos, pathos, and logos in their advertisement campaigns. The company had successfully displayed the product in a nature themes that brings energetic, lively, and freshness feelings to the audiences. Since this new soda was introduced
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