Why Is It Important To Btec Business Level 3 Unit 1 D1

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Task 6 Evaluate the influence different stakeholders exert in one organisation. In this task, I’ll be evaluating how the different stakeholders will influence Sainsbury’s. Within Sainsbury’s it has many stakeholder which includes customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, competitors, governments, trade union and local and national communities. Also, from the list I’ve made above this lead me to ranking each stakeholders from 1 to 8 and their importance to the business. Furthermore, I believe the most influential stakeholders will be customers and employees to the business whereas the least influential will be trade union and local and national communities as these stakeholders might be the least influence but they’ll still have importance …show more content…

The way that they’ve achieved this aim and objective by improving or re-launching new foods over 7,000 lines as this is showing they want to improve the quality of the food and even by re-launching it. In addition, from the improvements of their food it has made their brand increase in sales this shows as they’re had an improvement in their food and the customers have liked this therefore, the business has had an increase in …show more content…

Competitors might to be concerns for businesses however competitors are important as it will show the strengths and weakness of a business and it will drive businesses to become better than others within a market. The competitors will influences the key customers to the business as they’ll be different businesses offering the similarly goods and services to your business within the market from this is will show which customers who are the most loyal to the business and these are the type of the customers that the business need to look out for because these customers will make the business

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