Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Articles Of Confederation

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The document known as the Articles of Confederation was a failure as the first government for America. The Articles of Confederation were a Failure for the first government of America because congress commanded little respect and no support from state governments which meant they didn't care what other people had to say. Also they were very anxious to maintain their power. That meant that they wanted to keep their power because if they didn't have it they knew they would just be any other person. The Articles of Confederation was a failure and had many weaknesses: I'm just gonna list 2. The first weakness of the Articles of Confederation was the fact that congress had no power to tax the people. The fact that congress had no power to tax the people meant that they would not get anyone to build stuff or to pay off war debt ect. The second weakness …show more content…

For the Federalists this meant that they would abide by the law and abide by what was written on the Constitution for they believed everything that was written on it. In the other case with the Anti-Federalists this meant that they did not believe anything written on the Constitution and did not abide by any of the laws that were written there, (for they did not believe the constitution), that's why they created the bill of rights. The second difference between the Federalists and Anti-Federalists is the fact that Federalists wanted power in the states but the Anti-Federalists wanted power in the central government. This meant because the Federalists wanted power in the states that everyone would have equal say and it would not be equal. For the Anti-Federalists, believing that the power should go to the central government meant that the people would not have a say in voting and it would all just be biased and that is not fair nor right and it is not

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