Substance Abuse History Essay

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Effects of Substance Abuse History on Future Drug Choices
Sadly, there is no such thing as the perfect childhood, and many children are faced with situations involving alcohol and other drugs at a very young age. These children can either be influenced by their family and become a substance abuser themselves, or make a change to not get hooked on drugs and possibly help change their family’s ways. “Parental alcoholism, childhood sexual abuse, and other forms of child maltreatment are generally viewed as contributing to adult adjustment problems (Melchert, 2000).” One factor that many past researchers have looked at is drug abuse related with negative parenting, and a study has found significance between parents externalizing problems (who …show more content…

In return for participating in the experiment, the students received credit for their classes.
For this experiment a Substance Abuse Scenarios (Appendix A) sheet was used, along with a multiple choice answer options (Appendix B), specific to each question, created by the researcher. Also, a Substance Abuse History Questionnaire (Appendix C) was created by the researcher and based off of the Family Assessment Questionnaire II from the Health and Human Services Agency in California. A consent form was given to the participants to sign before the study was conducted.

Procedures First, the participants were given a consent form before the start of the experiment. After the consent forms were collected, the participants were given a packet that contained the Substance Abuse History Questionnaire, followed by the Substance Abuse Scenarios and the multiple choice answer options. The participants then completed the Questionnaire and were told not to flip the page until everyone had finished. The participants were then allowed to read the Scenarios and answer the multiple choice. Once everyone had completed the packets, they were collected and the debriefing was

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