Summary: Is College Worth It?

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“Is college worth it?”, was the question asked in the magazine, “Making Money” on August, 26th 2014. There are many different perspectives to this question. Kevin Short, from, says “Who says college isn’t worth?”. He proves his statement buy stating, “Workers with a bachelor’s degree typically earn around $300,000 more over their careers than workers who hold just a high school education”. Short continues on saying, despite the rise in the cost of education, it would still be beneficial to obtain a degree. College would end up paying in the long run. Although, I agree with Shorts perspective on college education, I am not sure the topic can be put so vaguely. Jordan Weissman, from argues, the pay for a college graduate …show more content…

However, life isn’t that simple, nor is college. Short does have a point in saying, those with a degree will end up making more than those who don’t. The point that causes me to be uncertain, is whether or not the boost in income is worth it. This was the point Jordan Weissmann made. I agree with Weissman completely. Not everyone who graduates college will obtain a significantly higher paying job. Though it is nice to think that way, it is not the reality. Most students will end up making a small amount more than, an employee with a high school diploma. The topic continues to complicate itself with the point Tiffany Hsu made. She states how employers require a college degree. Most employers will ignore applicant without a college diploma. I agree with Hsu perspective that job searching will be made more difficult without a college education. Do I think college is right for everyone? No. However, I do see the value college has to offer. Though, you might not be able to make much more per hour, than say an employee with a high school education. But, college allows you to get the job before the applicant without the degree does. To me, a job is better than no job, and I view college as job

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