Summary Of A Change Of Heart About Animals

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A group of teenagers stole a puppy from his owners garden and abused him for hours. According to an RSPCA inspector, this is one of the worst cases the inspector had ever seen. The tiny chihuahua yorkshire terrier mix, named Chunky, was kicked, burned, hit, fed drugs, and had his neck squeezed before being left for dead. The eight month dog was eventually found and taken to a vet immediately. After four months, Chunky has fully recovered physically and is nice and playful. However, Chunky remains traumatized from the incident to this day. In the article “A Change of Heart About Animals” by Jeremy Rifkin, he argues that animals do not deserve to be treated the way they are treated. They have a right to be free from oppression, captivity, and maltreatment from humans. Animals are like us in many ways that we have never imagined before. They eat, sleep, feel pain, experience stress, love, care, and …show more content…

According to “A Change of Heart about Animals” by Jeremy Rifkin, he mentions that “Koko, the 300-pound gorilla at the Gorilla Foundation in Northern California, who was taught sign language and has mastered more than 1,000 signs and understands several thousand English words” (61). This shows that animals are far more capable than what we imagine. Rifkin also claims that Scientists have found that geese teach their goslings their migration routes and that an orangutan from Atlanta Zoo, used a mirror to groom his teeth and fix his sunglasses. This shows that learning is passed on from parent to offspring and that animals may use their intelligence for their own purposes. Furthermore, many people believe that animals have no moralities or ethics and are unable to understand the notion of death. This is not necessarily true as it appears that animals experience grief. For example, elephants frequently stand next to their dead loved ones for days while also touching their bodies with their trunks. Animals show grief in their own

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