Summary Of A Child Called It By Dave Pelzer

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In the book “ A Child Called It”, by Dave Pelzer, Dave talks about the horrible childhood he lived because of his abusive mother. The book is a biography because it is based on a true event. The setting of the story is at Daly City, California. Some of the characters from the story are David’s parents: Stephan Joseph, his father, Catherine Roerva, his mother, Mr.Hansen(principal at dave’s school), Miss Moss(dave’s math teacher), Mr.Ziegler(dave’s 5th grade teacher),Miss Wood(is one of dave’s teacher) and his four brothers. Dave lives with his mother,four brothers and his father. Dave has a great life, but slowly that changes.Dave before the abuse, lived a perfect life up until his mother took up drinking at the age of 4. Dave after abuse, …show more content…

Father would occasionally sneak him scraps of food, but if he didn’t he would have to starve. Bathroom, this is where mother played many games of torture with Dave. She played “Gas Chambers” which is a dangerous game where Dave has to stay in the bathroom with many different chemicals causing him to choke. She also made him sit in the bathtub of freezing cold water for hours. This is the plot/outline of the book “A Child Called It”, Exposition, In the beginning of this book, you learned about a boy name Dave. He lives with his mother, four brothers and his father. Dave has a great life, but slowly that changes. Rising Actions, they take family trips every summer and have a great time. They all play games in their room at home, stay up late on the weekends and watch cartoons. Slowly mother, Dave refers to her in the story as the “Bitch”, she starts singling him out and punishing him for things he didn’t do. At the slow pace, The Bitch makes him do all the chores, she sits him in his room in the corner and forces him to watch them play. She hits him and tells him that he’s worthless. At points she starves him, each day gets worse and worse in his

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