Summary Of Alice Munro's Beauvoro

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Now, what specifically defines the situation of woman is that she- a free and autonomous being like all human creatures- nevertheless discovers and chooses herself in a world where men compel her to assume the status of the other. They propose to turn her into an object and to doom her to immanence since her transcendence is for ever to be transcended by another consciousness which is essential and sovereign. The drama of woman lies in this conflict between the fundamental aspirations of every subject- which always posits itself as essential- and the demands of a situation which constitutes her as inessential.
- Beauvoir (1984)

Alice Munro is a well-regarded living short-story writer in Canada. Munro’s honest aspiration got the encouragement on 10 October 2013, at the age of 82, when she was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature with the Swedish Academy cited her as the "Master of the Contemporary Short Story". In Canada, she has won the Governor General 's Award, the Giller Prize, the Trillium Book Award, and the Libris Award.
Although in the last forty years, the short story has been characterized as a too little recognized and fading literary form yet Alice Munro’s creative talent has continued to go her own way. This has made a publicity-shy writer one of the most highly praised writers of the last half of the twentieth century who has worked a long way towards the neglected short form and earned Canada more international recognition.Spanning almost 45 years, Munro

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