Ally Condie's Matchd: Literary Analysis

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In Ally Condie’s novel, Matched, Cassia Reyes has to make a decision that will change her life forever. Society chooses; where you work, who you love and when you die. Cassia has always trusted these choices. When she gets matched with her best friend, Xander, it seems perfect. But when looking on her microchip about her match, a different face appears, Ky Markham. Now she has to choose between the only life she’s ever known and a path no one dares to follow. Ally Condie is trying to entertain readers by using theme and tone. In Matched, Ally Condie uses a curious or intriguing tone to effectively entertain readers. On page 83, it says “Cassia,” he whispers. “I am giving you something you won’t understand, yet. But I think you will someday.…show more content…
Throughout the story, Cassia represents a depressing mood because she falls in love with someone she isn't allowed to be with and then Ky gets taken away from her so she has to embark on a journey to find him. For example, on page 229, Cassia says “I want to reach out and grab his hand and hold it to me, right over my heart, right where it aches the most. I don’t know if doing that would heal me or make my heart break entirely, but either way this constant hungry waiting would be over.” Condie uses this description to influence the readers feelings towards the situation. We begin to feel Cassia’s heart ache to be with Ky. Using a melancholy tone, the readers truly feel her sadness and depression from the situation she’s in. The theme, have courage to stand by your morals, plays a huge role in entertaining the readers of Matched. On page 119, Cassia’s grandfather says “I wouldn't take that tablet, Cassia. Not for a report. And perhaps not ever. You are strong enough to go without it.” When he says this he is encouraging Cassia to be different and not let the Societies tablets control your life. He tells her that she is strong enough without it. This gives her courage and explains why Cassia still hasn't taken the green tablet even after Grandfather passed
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