Summary Of Anthem By Ayn Rand

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The novel Anthem by Ayn Rand is set in a collective society. Collectivism by definition from Merriam Webster is, "emphasis on collective rather than individual action or identity”. Ayn Rand Was Very against Collectivism She shows this by making the main character, Equality 7-2521 an independent thinker. though he starts out being Compliant to Society's rules he always knew he was different. throughout the novel he Starts to Follow his own beliefs rather than Stay a part of the collective. Being a Part of the collective Society means following Strict rules put in Place to Prevent any Kind of individualism. No one is allowed to express attraction or love for another person. people are Chosen to be put together only to most be put together only to mate all bossed off Of genes. This is all Set up just so the human race can Continue on sent with perfectly matched genes, thus Continuing the collective society. Equality, however Does not accept this. he expresses …show more content…

Everyone must work for the collective, and all must work hard. If labor were to be limited it would leave time for people to think more. Work keeps them brainwashed because they dont think, and they are doing things strictly for everyone. The world they live in has no technology, this keeps the people working for everything. There are only candles, no cars, and no assistive machinery. Equality was assigned to be a street sweeper, he starts out with the attitude of a person brainwashed to work for the collective. He expresses this by saying, “we would accept our life mandate, and we would work for our brothers, gladly, and willingly” (Ayn Rand 26). It isn’t until later he truly realizes that the society is stuck in the past. He re-invents the light bulb, to not only try and move up in the world and impress the council, but also to change the way society worked. Equality feels a sense of pride even though he is no longer only working for the good of the

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