Summary Of Aria By Richard Rodriguez

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Aria by Richard Rodriguez Aria is an essay written by Richard Rodriguez's. Throughout this essay Rodriguez tries to show the leader a part of life that not every is able to experience. Richard uses this particular writing to show how hard he had to fight during his childhood years to learn the English language. Although he wasn't too happy about speaking English, he knew it will help him try and fight into society. Not only is he having to face society, but also struggles with life at home, and trying to live up the standards of the “normal” English student. The introductory paragraph started out to be very interesting. He opened his essay by focusing on himself as a young child. I felt a little sympathy as I read along, and that seemed to be what Rodriguez was aiming for readers to feel. …show more content…

Although there is not a clear thesis statement that is able to outline his argument it is more than obvious that he is arguing against bilingual education. Most paragraphs in essay relate to the argument that he was presenting which was although bilingual education important it in some ways hinders a child's ability to develop a sense of identity. At some point of the essay Rodriguez isn't able to transition well. For example he was first contradicting the opinion of bilingual education by saying “considered Spanish to be a private language” as a “socially disadvantaged child” He then just supported his own thoughts and ideas by continuing to tell the reader how much he was suffering. Rodriguez spent too much of the essay focusing on his struggles he has that alone took up an entire

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