Summary Of 'Boredom' By Stanley Pogrow

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Stanley Pogrow addresses the ‘boredom’ issue that the students suffer from, and gives the teachers an idea to grab students attention through outrageousness, that integrates humor to develop storylines, which is carefully designed to be a part of the students learning experience. Pogrow believes that relatable stories and examples provide a strong foundation for a lesson.

Outrageous teaching is a powerful tool that grabs the student attention and maintains it. Also, it gives the students the sense of imagination, and transform the lesson into a fascinating learning experience.

However, teaching outrageously should be carefully planned, because it is time consuming and sometimes expensive because of the material needed. As well as the teacher should choose a lesson with low interest to the students to use the outrageous techniques. Also using outrageous teaching technique should be limited or it will …show more content…

However, I can’t forget my fifth grade teacher that was one of the most boring people I had every met. She never changed our daily routine, she used to let us read the lesson and do worksheets, and never spoke to us about the topic. Even the activities, I don’t remember that we did any kind of fun activity with her. As well as she used to overload us with homework that we don’t understand. However, to be honest I am a person that get easily bored, one of the most boring things to me is the presentations, especially when there is too much writing on each slide, and the teacher is reading directly from it.

Reader’s theater is one of the language arts lessons that we use in our school. it addresses the students who are interested in drama. However, when you try to involve all the students some of them resist, because they don’t want to stand infront of the class and get criticized. Pogrow, in his example gave a great model to all teachers through making the teacher a sales-man to engage the

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