Summary Of Does It Matter By Jennifer Bumgardner

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Jennifer Baumgardner is a well known writer and feminist she has written and lectured on many subjects from sexuality to women's power and as such she often tries to draw attention to the feminist movement itself. While some may argue that the feminist movement is a thing of the past and that there are no longer waves happening with the movement, but Jennifer delves into the history of the movement itself in order to explore the question on whether or not a new wave of feminism is around and why it would even matter if it were. In an excerpt from one of her books, F'em: Goo Goo Gaga and Some Thoughts on Balls! Baumgardner suggests in her essay Is There a Fourth Wave? Does it Matter? the idea that those who tend to ignore the fact that there …show more content…

Feminists such as Eve Ensler, author of The Vagina Monologues and V-day who Baumgardner mentions within the third paragraph of her essay, while Ensler would be identified as a second waver within the feminist movement she often related herself to the third wavers instead as she was described as using pop culture to share her ideals and often inspired other third wavers to perform her …show more content…

Baumgardner gave brief histories concerning each wave and what they were all fighting for, however she also went into detail about how each wave also inspired feminists of the next wave to continue on their fight as each wave slowly began to accomplish what they were trying to achieve. The article described how third wave feminists such as Baumgardner herself were in fact inspired by the back lash received by the second wavers, and how by following the ideals set forth by the second wavers the third wavers were able to progress the cause even

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