Women's Rights In The 20th Century Essay

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Women's rights in America of the late 19th century and 20th century had numerous victories spread throughout both periods. Major victories such as granting women's suffrage are considered important parts of American history, as it was a major equality win for a large portion of the population (not entirely half as minority women were still not allowed to vote, other than for a brief time due to a loophole). Women's rights in America were a battle that had many little victories, many little losses and a lot of time dedicated to the cause over the course of America's history. The 20th century (post-right to vote), primarily saw women's rights advocates vying for equal work rights, whether it be the opportunity for jobs, equal pay or equal benefits. …show more content…

The right for women to vote created loopholes that allowed black women to vote. The loophole led to a larger amount of black women than lived in certain states to vote in those states. The loophole was closed soon after, black women, men and other minorities deprived of the right to vote would have to wait until the 1965 Voting Rights Act, signed in by Lyndon B Johnson to vote again.

The right to suffrage in America was not women's rights activists only fight, and although it was a stellar win, it was understandably only the beginning. Women were still being denied the right to fair work, fair wages and fair benefits. The “free labour” movement was a movement that mostly benefited white men in their right to be paid properly for their work. White at the time did not include people who were Irish, Italian or other southern and Eastern European. Women were not gaining career-wise from “free labour” either. The right to work was the right for men to be able to support their families, have safe benefits and to have upward mobility in their careers.4 Many working-class women did not use the term,

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