Summary Of Don T Bet Against Me

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This book is about life of Deanna Favre. Deanna Favre was born on December 28, 1968. She is the wife of former NFL quarterback Brett Favre and the mother of Brittany & Breleign Favre. At age of 35, she almost had all the blessings that every woman wishes to have two beautiful daughters, a loving husband and a wonderful style of life. But behind all this wonder of her life is the toughest battle she encountered in her life the battle between cancer and life. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, and later became an advocate in the fight against the disease as she ran the Deanna Favre HOPE Foundation, a foundation of her own. Because of her experience of surviving a breast cancer, she became inspired to write a book entitled “Don’t Bet Against Me! Beating the odds against breast cancer …show more content…

Survivor of lives greatest challenges and of course a breast cancer. In this book she tells the story of her journey. She shares how she’s been through too the past years of her life. The story of how her life turned up-side-down. The story of how she faced different tragedies. The story of how she fought. And, yes, the story of her triumphs. The focus of this story starts from her years as a single mom, her high-profile marriage to Brett to her fearless battle against breast cancer and her present advocacy to help others to survive through the Deanna Favre HOPE Foundation. Deanna Favre’s journey is a living proof that nothing is impossible. She portrays a brave character of a woman that is full of hope, faith, and love. Her story serves as an inspiration saying that ordinary people can overcome even the most extra ordinary challenge that life may give. CONCLUSION: Don’t bet against me!; Beating the odds against breast cancer and in life by Deanna Favre is a book that is worth reading for. This is a book that is full of inspiration and courage. Inspiration to fight even with in a crucial situation and courage to face the

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