Sometimes Amazing Things Happen Book Report

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In the recently published book by Elizabeth Ford, "Sometimes Amazing Things Happen", she related how she ended up as a prison psychiatrist and even though at one time, she had to resign for some time because it was so overwhelming, she went back to it and spent the rest of working years in that position. Her book is not a best of all possible worlds statement but a realistic retelling of her experiences good and bad. She believes that everyone has at its core, a reserve of goodness and that with enough time, proper treatment, she can reach that and try to turn someone life 's around. Not all are success stories. 3 She speaks of one man which she treated for 10 years and just as she felt she was reaching that core and a light in the tunnel, he…show more content…
The guards let the fight go on until is clear who is prevailing. Then they tell to stop and if the combatants do not do so, they shoot. So, no one wins in the end, except the guards who bet money on the surviving gladiator. The author quotes a prisoner who won 11 such fights saying that it was made very clear to them by the guards who bet on him that he must prevail or he would face dire consequences. This is worse than Roman circus gladiatorial contests! Why do men revert to this primal reptilian brain actions are very hard for me to understand? Starting with the gangs. But maybe I should re-read Golding 's Lord of the Flies".All of the above could make a fairly mentally stable person go mad no matter the race. But the repressed anger and humiliation reflects only too harshly racism outside the walls for people of color. They know is they try to appeal any wrongdoings by guards or staff, the appeal will be turned down 90 to 100% of the time by mostly all white
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