Summary Of Hip Hop Planet By James Mcbride

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“Music Evolves Globally”
In the essay, “Hip Hop Planet” McBride lived during the start of the hip hop culture to the current culture. The essay describes the influence hip hop had had grown up with his parents and was influenced to write and play music for the rest of his life. The essay as plenty of information that would influence people to make their own music and forget about where it had all began. The essay mainly tells you about music expressing the way of life and feelings about cultures with music being spread around the globe. McBride argues that hiphop has a negative influence on the current generation despite the focus on peace. McBride argues that hip hop has changed young and old people through the african american culture. McBride …show more content…

When James Mcbride was born he had been growing up influenced with hip hop music and he did not like this music. Specifically, when McBride had seen his daughter with a guy who was a rapper he describes the rest of his life as “This is my nightmare”.(McBride 788) In other words, James does not want his daughter with someone who is a bad influence, and tries tries to avoid it, but there is nothing more he can do besides accept the world on how it has been transformed. By using the word “nightmare” McBride is describing the guy that she is going to be married to be bad and will be unable to not think or live with it, but there is no other way of living the life chosen for him so he has to accept the planet. The audience can conclude that hip hop was very uncomfortable and when you can’t beat something you just have to join it. Significantly, the author describes as the person who his daughter would be with is not what he expected him to be and can’t get run from the way the world has been transformed. In conclusion, the development of the essay is that the life he grew up into hip hop music with he tried to avoid, but couldn’t so what other way would there …show more content…

Specifically, the author had described a moment in the past “He slapped a guy, a total stranger, in the face right in front of me”. (McBride 788) In other words, this means that McBride had heard a slap from a person that had been from his group and had made a mistake to hit another person with a rapper looking. By using the word, “face-slapping” the author described that it was an action that had occurred out of thinking it. The audience can conclude that the burning man was promoting violence and greed. Significantly, the author believes that there was a reason for why rappers were taking the wrong path to rise. In conclusion, the metaphor would mean that people with special abilities were identifying

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