Hip Hop Influence On Modern Society

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Hip Hop music influence on modern society. Introduction Hip-hop music was initially developed in the late 1970s, only few people knew about its existence as it was created in the most unprivileged districts of New York City in America by African-American citizens. Hip-hop is not a bunch of entertaining words but a poetic language about issues around us, and movement within a culture interrelating ethnicities. The messages of rap music/hip hop tells stories of how life is in the streets dealing with drugs, crime, and violence. Most messages are a reflection of how the youth feels about the system, the police. Hip-hop constitutes of clothing, language (poetic) graffiti art, break dancing, Mcing/ rhyming and beatboxing. This music genre has a prodigious influence on the black community in most parts of America as well as in many diverse societies in the whole world. Hip-hop is apparent as more than just music but a culture. Hip hop speaks to the people, it conveys powerful message to communities because this genre is a platform for rappers to express their opinions about the society and rappers use it to address social issues that young black people run into, issues such as racism, inequality and unjust governance. Hip-hop is more than simply entertainment.…show more content…
Modern rappers or hip hop musicians have went astray as this genre demonstrates an abuse of language as a result use of vulgar is dominant, lately most rappers rap about money, women, drugs, expensive cars etc. apparently hip hop or rap is no longer about expression but rappers impressing each other because of rivalry and the so called “Beef

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