Social Issues In Hip Hop

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Edwin Rahimi Research Paper From the underground streets of New York to the global stage, Hip Hop can be seen as one of the most influential genres of its time. As a style of music that ultimately originated from black street culture, much of its context can be pinpointed to the issues of political and social equality that are often kept in the dark. When Hip Hop emerged throughout the late 70s, new artists were experimenting with an advancement in technology and used various devices including turntables to create certain beats. As time went on, Hip Hop turned the page to more of a lyrical genre where artists ultimately began using words in their lyrics to convey a certain theme or message to the public eye. (Wahl, 1999) As new black artists began creating music leading into the 80s, historical events were beginning to allow artists to use music as a platform to discuss social and political injustice in ways that had never been seen before. One specific gangster rap group, N.W.A (Niggaz Wit Attitudes), used this so-called platform to shed light on the injustices of a black man living in the city of Compton in the most raw and purest way possible. (Wahl, 1999) During the late 1980s, Compton was often seen as a city of violence and even got the label of the most dangerous city in America throughout the nation. As a result, police brutality became a significant issue throughout the city and groups like N.W.A saw this as an opportunity to use a spotlight to discuss adversities

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