Summary Of How Coyote Steals Fire

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“Let us play a game. If you win, you can kill me, If I win, you have to give me fire.” Coyote said this quote in “How Coyote Steals Fire” to try to get fire from Thunder-god. A trickster named Coyote plays Thunder-god in a game of dice in an attempt to get fire. He tries to outwit Thunder-god by cheating at the game, Thunder-god knows but can’t prove it so Coyote still gets fire. After reading “How Coyote Steals Fire” and “Master Cat” it is obvious that there are several similarities and differences. Both stories “How Coyote Steals Fire” and “Master Cat” had similarities present. In both of the stories the main character’s are animals. One being a coyote who fears nothing, with the other being a tough and mischievous cat. Also they both try to outwit a power figure. Coyote tries to outwit Thunder-god, and Master Cat tries to outwit…show more content…
One of these differences is how Coyote, and Master cat achieved their goals. Coyote achieved his goal by cheating at a game of dice, While Master Cat achieved his by lying to and misleading a king. Next, Coyote’s goal throughout the story was to get fire from Thunder-god. But Master Cats goal was to make him, and his master wealthy. Also in “How Coyote Steals Fire” women are seen as less than men are, we know this because the women dice were worth less than the men dice were. But in “Master Cat” women are seen as like a prize to men, we know this because to everyone marrying the princess was a prize she was very sought after. Finally what the Coyote did by stealing fire was beneficial to society, it would give people heat, light, and a way to cook food. While what Master Cat did only helped himself, and his master because all he did was try to get them wealthy. There is obvious similarities and differences in “How Coyote Steals Fire” and “Master Cat”. Imagine if Thunder-god could prove that Coyote had cheated at the dice game and never gave him
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