Summary Of Is Google Making USupid By Nicholas Carr

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Nicholas Carr: Is Google Making Us Stupid? In his article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?,” author Nicholas Carr contends that the internet has modified the way our brains function. Carr begins with his personal realization that the method in which he concentrates and interprets data, has been significantly altered. He describes his increasing difficulty with maintaining focus, specifically while reading long articles and books, an activity he once regarded as a passion. Carr also feels there has been a negative impact with how he spends time in reflective and creative thought. Carr insists this alteration is due to his increased adoption and use of the internet, not only as a tool for his work, e.g., research and writing, but also in his leisure time. He continues an analogy of this change through his opening and ending paragraphs; associating the film “2001 A Space Odyssey” to his considerable adaptation, by describing the traits humans acquire from our technological advances. Carr uses anecdotes, current scientific research and …show more content…

He has experienced a distressing reduction in his ability to sustain deep reflective thoughts. Carr talks of similar difficulties his colleagues have faced. They are no longer able to spend time reading books as they previously had. They also describe a scanning style to their reading, a significant alteration to their past style. They too contribute this change to the internet being applied in a majority of their absorption of media. Carr goes on to to discuss how the internet has taken a foothold in every aspect of his and most other people’s lives. The majority of all media has been directed into one seemingly endless outlet, where most of what we see, hear and do is through the internet. We are reading far more due to this technology but it is a completely new, divergent type of

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