Summary Of Is Google Making USupid By Nicholas Carr

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In our day and time, using the internet as our main source of information is very common. In Nicholas Carr’s essay on “Is Google Making Us Stupid”, he discusses how the internet is redeveloping the way each human thinks, feels, and learns. Carr feels the internet is taking over how we, as people, are transforming the way we comprehending different subjects. The internet is an essential part of this world and everyone’s lifestyle who has access to it. There has been a generous amount of reliance upon the internet doing a variety of tasks that, in the past, others had to do for themselves. Carr pulls out a collection of his ideas on what the internet is doing to the way we think. Throughout his essay of “Is Google Making Us Stupid”, Nicholas …show more content…

As Carr finishes out with his final thoughts, he chooses to include this as his final statement. This really causes the reader to stop and think for a minute on how much damage this reliance on internet can really do. The intelligence that each person has makes them who they are and if the internet is transforming what makes each individual who they are to who they used to be then that’s any issue. Most people do not realize this is happening and are enjoying the perks the internet has to offer, but it could be hurting them in the long run. Carr’s position just becomes stronger and more convincing as he ends with this remark. The community with this durable access to the internet depend so much on it that is overtaking them. He is claiming that the internet is slowly, but steadily modifying our knowledge until it becomes a fraud and it is very believable due to it happening directly in front of our …show more content…

Carr’s essay, overall, is supported very strongly with vigorous facts to back up his claims, personal stories that the reader can relate to, and substantial details that really caused the reader to take a step back and realize Carr may be onto something. First, with every point Carr makes, he has a fact or statistic to prove it. Like provided earlier with the attention span decreasing, there was a study done that proves the claim Carr is attempting to make. It allows his allegation to be more authentic. Next, Carr starts out his essay with a comparison to the movie “A Space Odyssey”, in which a majority of the readers can relate to. This grabs the reader’s attention to bring them in and then he relates the scene he is describing to the overall main subject of the internet changing the way we think. However, he uses this technique more in detail when he tells the reader about how he, himself, has personally experienced the web changing the way he is conceiving information. Carr goes to provide more examples on people he knows going through the same, like his friends and colleagues. Last, the vocab and dialect he chooses to include really allows the reader to be consumed by what he is bringing to the table. The way Carr selects his wording grants the reader access to inside his mind as

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