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Brooklyn has been known to be more than just a borough. It has been known and accredited for being a community of peers. Despite the difference in areas, and environment Brooklyn is a place where people intend to look out for one another. However, some people had their own beliefs about Brooklyn itself and felt only “Poor people live in Brooklyn” (Mehta, pp1) however this is not the case. Just as Adam Bonislawski’s article “Is the New Brooklyn Economy For Real?” stated that the “New Brooklyn Economy” was in fact a place where it welcomed the passion driven, tech savvy and entrepreneurialism of the new era. Is there change in Brooklyn? What type of changes? Are the changes beneficial to the ecology and economy? Brooklyn is best known for the historical monuments that may remind us of the yester-years of our past; Coney Island, Nathan’s hot dog, Junior’s cheesecake, the Botanical Garden are well known in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn that was once considered nostalgic is now becoming more uber-trendy and a replacement for Manhattan. The neighborhoods that we once called our …show more content…

“The Borough’s residents paying more than 30 percent of their income in rent” (Bonislawski, pg.2, pp.3) Due to the “remodeling” of Brooklyn, the rent has drastically gone up. This is a way of purposely chasing out the poor to make room for the “trendies”. With the belief of a new and better Brooklyn will lead to more money and better neighborhoods, it feels like those that were born in Brooklyn are being forced out of it. A new source of capitalism has taken place, a capitalism based off of the “hip and trendy” in order to draw in the more financially efficient. “Trying to evade, principles of development is economically futile” (Jacobs.chpter1.pg8, pp.1) it’s true that we can’t continue to evade the new development of a environment because it will lead to an economic

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