Summary Of Letter From Birmingham Jail By Steven Johnson

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James Nuci Mr. Ottman English 11 AP 23 August 2017 Essay 21: Innovative author and presence on the Internet, Steven Johnson, in his excerpt from everything that is good for you; how today's popular culture is actually making us smarter (2005), publicizes that the general population would have dramatically different viewpoints if presented with different chronological circumstances. He supports his claim by first offering statistics that summarize pleasure readers' positive impact on society, then having readers visualize the world with certain circumstances, then breaking down two opposing sides of an argument, and then finally clarifying his own point of view on the topic. Johnson's purpose is to shine light on the controversial standpoint of many people on a certain topic, in order to allow readers to understand both sides of the argument along with their pros and cons. He creates a professional tone for people associated with pleasure reading or playing video games. …show more content…

He supports his claim first by comparing injustice and unjust laws with justice and just laws, then calling the African American population to action, then clarifying what exactly has been and can be done against the racial inequality, and then finally restating his personal progress and goals. King's purpose is to call African-Americans to action against racial and social inequality in order to strengthen the civil rights movement. He creates a frustrated but calm and peaceful tone for those that are infuriated by the social

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