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In Miriam Toews’ personal narrative A Fathers Faith, it starts of with Toews’ father leaving the hospital after a lengthy stay. He walks through the town remembering the memories of his past with certain locations. He continues to walk through his home, visiting the places that are important to him and his family until he gets to tired. He catches a ride with some nice strangers until he gets the train tracks. Giving them, friendly salutations then continues to the station, where he speaks to a young girl who was working. He can hear the train coming. He dies. The town of Steinbach is in rural Manitoba and most of the population is Mennonite. It is covered in churches with religious signs covering the town. Toews’ remembers the town as it were in her child hood. A safe community that was her …show more content…

As Toews’ older though she natural feels confined in her community, she wants to explore the world, but she is stuck in her town. She became aware of the realities of living in her town, how everybody had a secret and her father was severe depression. Her father had spent much of her childhood laying in bed and not talking much. He would try desperately to communicate with her and her family but was unable to do it. She also remembers him working, and how his passion was probably the only thing keeping him going. Mennonite communities often experience higher mental disorders than other communities because of the focus on perfection and eternal life that seems impossible to reach because of human nature. The Mennonite communities were often very brutal with punishment to giving into the desires banned by the church. Shunning forced a person to be ignored by the whole town, even your family. Depression was lacking in faith and would be a sufficient reason to shun somebody however, the minister of her dad’s church didn’t believe that. He saw depression as a sickness. Toews’ also believes that her fathers history caused his depression as

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