Summary Of Scarlet Ibis By James Hurst

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Out of all short stories, I disliked this story the most a depressing sad story called (Scarlet Ibis) by James Hurst. A story about a boy who was born a disappointment born with a illness that can kill him if he did any physical exercise. Heart failure was a major deal to Doodle. Everybody in his family didn’t care about Doodle because they all thought Doodle would die because of his illness. His brother was sick and tired of carrying Doodle everywhere because no one taught him how to walk so he finally decided to teach Doodle how to walk, climb, and swim to live life and fit in with other boys. (Scarlet Ibis) is my least favorite story because it is depressing, sad, and in a way glory.

This story can really be a depressing because of it's theme of the story. In the story the narrator forces Doodle to touch his own coffin that was made for him because everyone thought he was gonna die. “His hand, trembling, reached out, and …show more content…

The sad death of Scarlet Ibis “with a thud it's long, graceful jerked twice into a S, Then straightened out, and the bird was still”. The sad tragedy of Doodle death happened while the narrator and Doodle were running until dead silence struck him. When the Narrator went back to get Doodle he was curled up with his face buried in his arms. Doodle had been bleeding from his mouth, and his neck and the front of his shirt was brilliantly red.

Other than depressing stories this is also a sad one. Doodle has his beliefs of walking or doing things like any other boy rejected by almost everyone including his family except the narrator. “I can't walk brother," he said. "Who says so?" I demanded. "Mama, the doctor everybody”. His own family even believes that he can't do anything because of his illness. Doodles mom only left Doodle in a room until he cried for food not bothering Doodle at all to teach him to walk or even care about him she just left him in his

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