Summary Of Schooled By Gordan Korman

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The book Schooled, by Gordan Korman is about a hippie named Capricorn Anderson, or “Cap” who gets thrown into a situation where he is out of his element and that he is not prepared to handle. Cap goes through middle school with no clue on what to do. Cap lived on a secluded farm with only his grandmother because Cap’s parents had died in the Peace Corp in New Guinea. One day, his grandmother fell out of a plum tree where she was picking plums, and broke her hip and had to be in rehab for eight weeks. So child services took him to live at the Donnelly’s house, 30 miles away where he would attend public school. Cap had never been to any school before, so he was very lost and had no idea how to take it on or how to handle it.

Zach was the head of the popular clique of students in eighth grade at C Average Middle School. In C Average middle school if you're elected president itś like being elected village fool. When Cap arrived, Zack encouraged his friends to elect Cap school president because he thought Cap was clueless about the modern world. Zach said that “never before had anyone screamed for the job of eighth grade president like Capricorn …show more content…

When Zach’s plan of putting the “eighth grade president” in the Rhinecliff Raider (opposing team) jersey at the pep rally and then having the entire team pummel him because he looked like a Rhinecliff Raider. Later that day Darryl Pennyfield accidentally decks him he has to leave. He was trying to get back at Zach and while he was throwing the punch cap jumped in the middle to try to stop the fight. He goes home to garland for a while but one day he goes home alone and he gets arrested because it's not his house anymore. When he is in the station and rain comes to bail him out she tells him ¨ I just sold garland for seventeen million dollars¨. Then they move back in with the

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