Summary Of Seventh Grade By Gary Soto

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Story: Seventh grade In the story Seventh Grade by Gary Soto. I will be looking at the plot development in order to explain the story. By plot development, I say that the Exposition of the story in which it introduces the setting and characters and hints at the conflict. At the Rising action, the conflict unfolds and becomes more complicated and builds suspense. In the Climax which is often said to be the turning point or the most exciting moment in the story. At the Falling action, the main character begins to resolve the conflict and eases suspense and at the Resolution, the story offers an un-expected twist before the story ends and ties up loose ends in the story.

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Lucas asked Victor to say a person’s name so he said Teresa all the girls giggled because they knew Victor has a crush on Teresa (line 81, 82, 83). Then at the climax Mr. Bueller asks if anyone knows French so Victor raises his hand faking to know French so he could impress Teresa but when Mr. Bueller chooses him he maded up words that sound like French like: le me vave con le grandma (line 127, 128, 132, 133) and this is the point where the change for the main character happens in the climax. In the falling action during the story Mr. Bueller didn’t say anything to victor when he answered wrong because he knew Victor has a crush on Teresa (line 161, 162, 163)so in my observation Victor or the main character didn’t solve the conflict and he didn’t was close to unfolding it so the secondary character or Mr. Bueller solved it by not saying anything or commenting on what Victor said in the first place as he smiled at Victor and hummed for memory remembering affect (line 162, 163)so the explanation is that Mr. Bueller is the secondary character that solved the problem in the

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