Summary Of The Chosen By Chaim Potok

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In The Chosen by Chaim Potok large amounts of trust are displayed by Mr. Malter, Billy, and Reb Saunders. Mr. Malter gives his son, Reuven, many freedoms a parent otherwise would not. For instance he allowed his son to befriend a boy from a completely different section of their religion. Not only does he allow the friendship, but he strongly encouraged it. Billy, a young boy, who unluckily turned blind due to an accident places trust in everyone around him. He depends on others for help since he can no longer help himself. Finally, Reb Saunders, a highly looked upon Rabbi, earned the becoming title of a trustworthy man. Mr. Malter, Billy, Reb Saunders all have placed trust into someone. Mr. Malter relies great trust in his son, Reuven. He encourages his son to take part in a friendship that was looked down upon by many. Reuven's trusting father allowed him to become close friends with Danny Saunders. Mr. Malter knew he could trust his son always, he also confirmed with his son that if there were a problem Reuven could always …show more content…

He lead a whole church who placed all their trust in him. The whole congregation was in awe of their leader full of wisdom, strength, and power. His wisdom came from many days of studying the Talmud and also just a pure gift. His strength in his speeches came from years of practice. The power Reb Saunders possessed over his people was amazing. The whole congregation adored him. "The noise inside the synagogue ceased so abruptly that I felt its absence as one would a sudden lack of air. it stopped on swift waves, beginning at the rear of the synagogue and ending at the chairs near the podium. I heard the no signal and no call for silence: it simply stopped, cut off, as if a door had slammed shut on a playroom filled with children. The silence that followed had a strange quality to it: expectation, eagerness, love, awe,"(124-125) Trusting people followed men like Red

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