Summary Of The Class America By Mantisos

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My gender is something I have always been so nervous about when it comes to my future. I have grown in an era where women have it better than they did in the 1800’s, but I still feel quite marginalized and degraded sometimes. This was especially present in high school when everyone around my age was still figuring out who they really were. I always heard sexist comments and men talking about women in such disgusting ways as if they were their property. I have also grown up hearing about gender roles and norms. Women can do anything that men can do and if women are doing the same job as a man they most definitely deserve to get paid the same. Another thing that I or any other women should not have feel weary about is being paid less or getting …show more content…

Mantisos in his article, The Class America, talks about how people avoid speaking about social class, describes the economic spectrum, the lifestyles of Americans, and power and oppression. The only class America likes to talk about is the middle class and whether they think it exists or not. People avoid the subject of class because they like to think it does not matter. The trust is it most definitely does and there are so many advantages to being in a higher class than others. The economic spectrum in which we live in is described in depth by Mantisos. He states that the top 20% of America’s rich population has accumulated 90% of our nations wealth. Mantises also says, that 1 in every 7 people live below the poverty line. My family is fortunately above the poverty line, but still struggles quite a bit. The American lifestyle in this article is portrayed by viewing many people, their jobs, income, family, what they do in their free time, etc. Many of the people who started off in higher class families, ending up having their own higher class family and vice versa when it comes to lower class families. There is not equal opportunity to move up because when you are higher class you have more benefits by far. The majority of rich Americans are white men. There is so much oppression when it comes to social class. Mantisos states that none of these issues make our country look very great and free. Anyone who looks as an outsider or even some insiders can see that America is not a free land of equal opportunity. There are benefits and it has a lot to do with social

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