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The “Commencement Address” by George Ssunders is about kindness. As a kid your parents always tell you to be polite to others and how to behave in different situations. They wanted you always to greet others with a smile and make them comfortable in your company. That doesn’t always go as planned. Kids behave after what they other kids do. If some kids bully the other kids will follow so they won’t get bullied too. There are also many kids who don’t think about the consequences of their behaviour. They don’t know how the bullied kid feels. No. We have to embrace each other and be kind. That’s what George Saunders tries to illuminate in his speech. The “Commencement Address” is a speech held by George Saunders to the graduation class at Syracuse University in New York state in 2013. It’s a free paper because he writes what comes to his mind and what he wish to say and pass on to the students. The text is about how we have to behave in certain situations. He tells a bit about what his life was like when he was at their age. He ask himself the question “What do I regret?” He tells about all the crazy and sometimes stupid things he had done while he was young but that he only regret one thing. He regret the time in the seventh grade where he stood in the background and watched the new girl get bullied, where he didn’t stood up for her like he should’ve done. He says he want to pass his experience to the students. He wants to tell them how important it is to be kind. He tells

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