Summary Of The Jungle By Upton Sinclair

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While challengers to Upton Sinclair’s radical methods for reform label him a socialist foe of American values, Sinclair’s efforts where truly aimed towards publicizing the plight of the average citizen in America. Sinclair helped Californians and citizens throughout the nation realized that their voice and their vote were a powerful political tool. Sinclair’s so called radical policies established a set of Democratic values within California that is still present today. California, The Golden State, was known as the land of milk and honey. It was the home of the gold rush, and industries such as oil, agricultural, and Hollywood flourished. Citizens felt that if that could make it to California and secure employment the American dream would …show more content…

However, Sinclair was and unlikely savior. He had roots in socialist agenda, which unapologetically opposed capitalism and lobbied for full government takeover. In addition, Sinclair had alienated himself from elitist circles by authoring over 40 books which muckraked industry and institutions such as Hollywood, the press, and religion. Sinclair’s book, The Jungle, described the in detail the horrors of the meat packing industry and led to government regulation of the industry. Sinclair realized that America was in desperate need for immediate reform and could not await social victory over capitalism. He switched sides to the democratic party and ran for governor of California in an attempt to enact his reforms.Sinclair use his skilled as a writer to published a book called Epic (End Poverty in California), which outlined his road to reform. Sinclair planned on expanding existing California cooperatives to the state level. He also proposed taking idle factories and farms and placing them in the hand of the unemployed citizens to boost the economy and fight joblessness. Sinclair also met with President Roosevelt and to discuss his plans for EPIC and how they could align with the effort of the New

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