Essay On Native Americans In The 1800s

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From 1800 to 1850, America experienced a lot of geography, population, and capita growth. For one, the geographic size not only doubled, but triple because of the introduction of 4 million slaves and 2 million immigrants. Additionally, in the thirty-one of the states, fifteen of which were acquired in the last 50 years, the capita per home had doubled. The eastern United States was growing in number, and to accommodate new life, people began to move west. Accompanied by the technological innovations of the day people were now able to experience much more when they were outside of their small towns. Furthermore, the territorial expansion inspired Americans to take risk and try their luck with the American dream. Expressions such as “Manifest …show more content…

Centuries later these indigenous people continued to move west as more people made their way to America. During Andrew Jackson presidency, he made it clear that he hated the Natives Americans by orchestrating the Trail of Tears, which was the migration of thousands of Cherokee from east of the Mississippi to Oklahoma. Many people died on the journey and those that survive lost a part of their culture. Only interested in land, the Americans would continue to move different tribes on top of each other without any respect for the tribes’ issues. The relationship between the Americans and Native Americans was obviously at a divide, consequently strengthening each other’s nationalist pride. Once the Native Americans were removed, Americans were free to enjoy the land for themselves. Furthermore, the government encourages Americans to move west to the acres upon acres of available land. The drive to excavate new land was increase even more during the Californian gold rush of the 1840s. Those that came to California had a twinkle in their eyes that yearned for the success that they had dreamed of obtaining. Whether young, old, rich, or poor everyone shared the same curiosity that had convinced him or her to search for

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