Summary Of The New Carnegie And The Rise Of Big Business

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The book “ANDREW CARNEGIE and the Rise of Big Business” written by Harold C. Libesay, explains Andrew Carnegies life with chronological events beginning how he and his family moved from Dumferline, Scotland in November of 1835. This books thesis is on how his skills and experienced he learned before starting Carnegie Steel intersect with each other and show how he dominated the steel industry. Carnegie’s industrial career is explained in depth how he acquired the knowledge on how businesses worked, as a manager capitalist then leading into a entrepreneur. The authors purpose I believe was to show not only Carnegies life leading to just Carnegie Steel, but also how determination and hard work can help you achieve success. This book on Andrew Carnegie explains well on in detail how Carnegie’s came to create his dominating steel industry empire. I like how Carnegies relationship with people he’s worked with have impacted his life, but throughout the book even though it’s about Andrew Carnegie the author writes things excessively that sometimes don’t relate to Carnegie. …show more content…

Dunfermline which is a town located in Scotland is where Andrew Carnegie grew up and where he moved from Dunfermline to the United States on May 17, 1848. Livesay explains why the Carnegies left Scotland, the main factor was they felt the American dream was a more promising dream for both economic opportunity and a better life. In Chapter one they explain that not just the American dream, but also Dunfermline treated people there poorly (Livesay 12). What the author tells us about Carnegies childhood with his parents was that until they moved to America, the economic opportunity in Scotland wasn’t promising the people of Dunfermline this is what Livesay in the book on why Carnegie and his family left (Livesay

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