A Thematic Analysis Of 'The Farmer's Bride'

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In the poem “Farmer’s Bride”, there was a farmer who got a maid three years ago. The maid was very young, maybe around fifteen years old. In the poem, the farmer had some issues with his wife. From what the reader think, the farmer kept comparing his wife with animals. The reader believed that the farmer did not know how to take care of his wife. His only experience with caring was on the farm animals so he tried to use the same method on his wife and it made everything worse. Most things that the farmer did was terrible to his wife. For example, he kept said that his wife was “like” other animals. His wife escaped, so the farmer and his people chase her then locked her in his house. The farmer was uneducated so he probably didn't know what his wife really want. So the farmer can deal with animals very well, but he can’t deal with relationship well. As the reader of the poem, the reader think it was pretty normal for the farmer to think in that way at his time period. The reader can’t blame the farmer for the way…show more content…
When his wife ran away, the farmer and his people chase after her. However, the farmer said his wife ran away like a hare. So the farmer viewed the chase like one of his farm animals ran away and he had to chase after it. Once they caught the farmer’s wife, the first thing they did was lock the farmer’s wife in the house. “We chase her, flying like a hare. Before our lanterns. To Church-Town. All in a shiver and a scare. We caught her, fetched her home at last. And turned the key upon her, fast.” (ll. 15-19) The reader think that the reason for the farmer to chase after his wife was not evil, but it was wrong that he locked her in the house, just like how you treat an animal. If they were in marriage, they should sit together and discuss it out instead of lock her in without saying
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