Summary Of The View From Black America By Kenneth Hardy

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The View from Black America by Kenneth Hardy, describes the struggles that the African American community still faces currently. The article outlines the lives lost by violence and shootings by police. The reading emphasizes the lack of resources the African American community has access to. The misconceptions about black people have also contributed the racial hostility. These attitudes affect an individual's mental health. African Americans are still concerned about the violence taking place in the world.
The article discusses the murder of Freddie Grey, who was allegedly possessing a switchblade. Shootings of unarmed black people by law enforcement have occurred on many occasions. Also, the violence taking place in Baltimore was also addressed because of the violence that occurred. People in the United States have protested the treatment of African Americans in the country as a …show more content…

He explains that people of his race are feeling trapped because of their situation and speaking up means they “interfere with life and disrupt white mainstream”(19). The “wall less prison” is described by the experiences that America Americans have had such as “lousy schools, drug use and abuse, being the victims of crimes, lack of employment, economic despair” (19). All of these factors contributed to the issues that the African American community has faced and has also impacted families.
Black parents feel they must describe their children as “what they are not, rather than what they are” (19). They feel they have to defend their children and explain that they are not in gangs, are not criminals, and do not hang around with the wrong crowd. Negative associations and stereotypes have been given to the African American community by society. African Americans experience people being prejudiced because of others making negative generalizations about their race, which can have dangerous

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