Summary Of Tiri By Phil Kawana

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In the short story ‘Tiri’ written by Phil Kawana an idea that has changed my perspective on the story is pain. Pain is significant in understanding the main character Tiri and his actions towards people. Tiri experiences external and internal pain throughout the entirety of the story. His experiences with pain teach us how much it can control us, and lead us to make bad decisions. The external pain that Tiri is feeling in the story all starts in his childhood when his father would beat him mercilessly. “He would take me out to the back porch and belt me with the jug cord...he prised the wood off me and beat me till I laid still, curled up into a tight ball. “ The external pain caused by his father then causes Tiri to think that it’s okay …show more content…

Throughout the story he tends to inflict pain on others because of the internal pain that he feels. “I thought about my old man, and the teachers at school, and all the other assholes who made me do what the wanted ‘cause I was just some dumb black ass, and then I looked down at this rich white bitch doing what I told her, and I wrapped the darkness around her as well.” From this we can see that the pain he experienced throughout his childhood has developed and he now wants to make others feel his pain, physically and mentally. I myself cannot relate to this because in Tiri’s case he's being surrounded by negative people who only bring out the worst in him, whereas in my case the people I surround myself with bring out the best in me. The people you surround yourselves with have a major impact on the way we act and react. Society tends to bring people into our lives that are good influences and sometimes we take the for granted and we allow the bad influences in by giving into the negativity and Tiri is a great example of how negativity can impact your life in the future.At first my perspective of the story was unrelatable and that it made no sense, because why would someone let their own child grow up around such negativity in the home and at school, but then as I starting understand the circumstances of the characters my perspective again was shifting towards a more meaningful and deep story that we

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