Summary Of Water For Elephants By Sara Gruen

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Review of Water for Elephants Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen is likely the best book I have read this year. The book tells an exciting yet whimsical tale of a character named Jacob Jankowski. However, the book breaks conformation in its means of storytelling. The book outlines two different plots focusing on the beginning of Jacob's life, and the end. The narrator is Jacob the main character, but he could be an unreliable narrator due to the fact he is an old man and one narrative and very well could be stretching the details of his story. However, I believe the reliability of this narrator is not important due to the fact the book's characters and the story are written in a way that you believe and see everything that is going on because …show more content…

Marlena gets introduced to Jacob when he begins to investigate the case of the star horse. There is an instant connection between the two. Sadly the horse has to be put down, and Marlena was devastated. August begins to show a far darker side. He forced Jacob to feed the lions and ends up letting him get his hand bitten by a lion with no teeth. August laughs and plays it off as a joke, but Jacob begins to see there is something off about august. The star horse gets put down, and August and Uncle Al makes the decision to feed the meat of the horse to the lions, this further devastates Marlena and makes her furious with August. This bit of knowledge is the start of a theme throughout the book. On the circus, there is a use for everything that makes money, if it doesn't make or save money it is not the right decision, regardless of moral consequences. August and Marlena continue to fight, and Jacob becomes to have increased feelings for Marlena and their relationships continues to …show more content…

Marlena and Jacob grow closer and she reveals she is pregnant. This just adds to the tension that has been building. However, Marlena and Jacob cannot escape until Camel is safe with his family. However, one night Jacob sneaks out and goes to murder August in his sleep, but he failed and walked away. He gets back to his room and Camel and Walter are both gone. Jacob flees and has to keep his head down but he is furious. Later Grady (one of the workers) returns after surviving being thrown from the train. In and night and informed Jacob that Camel and Walter had been killed. Jacob his furious but keeps his head down because his life is on the line. A little later on when Jacob is hiding out, he hears the sound of the national anthem playing from the big top. This is a distress signal to the workers that something has gone horribly wrong. Jacob rushes into the big top frantically searching for Marlena, and a shocking turn of events Rosie the elephant ends up murdering August with a spike from the tent, and then places it back where it belonged like nothing ever

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