Lord Of The Flies Civilization Vs Savagery Essay

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Jack’s splitting from the group quickly prompts the rest of the boys to follow him one by one. As Ralph and Piggy realize what is happening, they pay a visit to Jack’s camp to check on Sam and Eric, the most recent departures from their group. Meanwhile, Simon awakens and sees the “beast” properly only to realize it is just a dead parachuter. He then proceeds to go tell the boys, who are now all on Jack’s beach. As Jack and Ralph argue, a storm breaks and Jack’s tribe begins their dance. Simultaneously, Simon rises from the forest and in the heat of things gets thrown into the middle of the dance and viciously meets his end as the storm clears. This scene clearly highlights the major clash between civilization and savagery through the extensive …show more content…

Back in chapter seven, the boys had decided to make the journey to the mountain to see the beast for what it really was. Interestingly enough, this is also the moment when Ralph’s wild instincts infer that he has the capacity for savagery, similar to Jack. As Golding reveals Ralph’s backstory of his old home, it was described as an ordinary household. But this civilized spark was juxtaposed immediately with a scene of a boar which Ralph happened to hit. The scene shifts to savagery and after, the boys “playfully” reenact the scene with Roger as the boar. Jack then foreshadows the killing of Simon as he suggests the boys use a littlun next time instead of Roger. In chapter nine, the boys again went into the dance in the midst of the storm and used Roger initially as the beast. Then a littlun replaced Roger. Simon. Ralph did not participate in the dance the second time, and it seems like the use of Simon instead was intended to serve as guilt for Ralph for his involvement the first time. This was his punishment for his actions and the scene perfectly illuminates the ongoing battle between savagery and civilization due to the disturbing connection between the events during the boar hunt to the events that lead to the end of

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