Why Do People Offer In Lord Of The Flies

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You’re hungry, your stomach is touching your back, you’re on a deserted island and you’re foodless. You’re so weary and desperate, you need just a nibble of food, and you feel like you are going to die if you don’t eat anything within the next hour. However, the enemy has the good stuff, the coconuts, grapes, guavas, peaches, and the nourishment that you desire. You walk over to the enemy to beg for food; he approves, but you would have to do something for something. All you have to do is murder all of his allies on the island. This goes against your morals, but you are desperate. You accept the offer because you are afraid of dying. This correlates to what happened in Lord of the Flies. Different characters fear Jack and his powerful tribe,…show more content…
The boys kill Simon in the book because the boys think he is a form of fear, the beast. At first, the beast is nothing but the in boys imaginations, but then as time passes, they create images in their head of what the beast looks like. Simon awakens, and then finds the parachutist that frightened Sam and Eric. He then examines it and realizes it is not the beast. He attempts to go inform the others of what he sees, but the other see him as the beast because of his appearance. Goulding describes Simon as a dark figure crawling out of the forest. It causes the boys to feel uncertainty that the figure was the beast. “A thing was crawling out of the forest. It came darkly, uncertainly” (Pg. 152). The boys then beat Simon to death thinking he was the beast out of fear and irrational thinking because of their fearfulness. But after, one of the boys, Ralph, denies…show more content…
When Ralph realizes that Jack’s tribe has stolen the boys’ fire and Piggy’s glasses, he wants to go reason with Jack to demand their belongings back. When Piggy falls off of the cliff and Ralph was overpowered by Jack’s group, Ralph runs away in fear. However, Sam and Eric are still there on Castle Rock, where Jack’s tribe is. Jack coerces Sam and Eric to join the tribe and they refused, so Jack gave them a taste of what his torturing was if they refused in the future. “The chief snatched one of the few spears that were left and poked Sam in the ribs.” (Pg. 182). Goulding’s message that he was trying to portray to the reader is that if Sam and Eric don’t accept Jack 's manipulative offer, then they are going to be either killed like Piggy or tortured. Sam and Eric decide to accept the offer, yet they know they are going to have obey Jack. They do this to avoid being tortured by
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