Savagery Lord Of The Flies Quote Analysis

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Savagery masks raphs civilization and turns him into an animal who no longer cares about his actions. Beginning the story with rules and wanting to be rescued, Ralph fell into the hole of savagery, when his actions no longer resembled a human’s. Ralph molded into a savage as his civilization, little by little became concealed. In the middle of the story the narrator shows Ralphs fall into savagery by describing this, “He accepted a piece of half-raw meat and gnawed it like a wolf” (golding 73). The Island began to consume Ralph and turn him into an animal. Civilization once within Ralph had been overcome by his hunger for food and he began to act as if he were an animal. However, savagery which never existed in Ralph had taken over and pushed …show more content…

Continuing on his actions of acting like an animal, Jack’s tribe started to use Robert as a fake pig and hurt him, but Ralph did not try to stop them, instead he joined them. The narrator vividly describes Ralph’s reaction, “Ralph, carried away by a sudden thick excitement, grabbed Eric’s spear and jabbed rover with it” (Golding 114). In the beginning of the story Ralph had no desire to kill or even hunt animals and now was pretending to kill a human. Ralph could no longer deny that his civilization was slipping away. Along with that Ralph justified his actions by saying it was just a game, I have gotten hurt playing before it’s fine. Although Ralph did refuse to use a littlun instead of a real pig. And yet, even after refusing the littlun he continued with his savagery. At this point in the story the narrator shows this, “Piggy and Ralph under the threat of the sky, found themselves eager to take a place in this demented but partly secure society” (Golding 152). Ralph wanted to join Jack’s tribe. If Ralph joined Jack’s tribe his hole of savagery would be dug deeper and deeper until the possibility of getting out would be nonexistent. The hole in which Ralph dug himself was almost too

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