Summary Of Who Holds The Clicker By Lauran Slater

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This story by Lauran Slater explains the life of a man called Mario Della Grotta who has OCD what the French would name it as obsessive compulsive disorder. In the essay Who Holds the Clicker by Lauren Slater explains the different types of procedures that were used to treat Mario's OCD such as psychosurgery, implantations, and prescription drugs. Despite the fact that Mario knew the side effects of these procedures, he still insisted in having these treatments to cure his illness. Mario was said to be the first American psychiatric patients to undergo this highly experimental procedure as there have only been 50 implantations for OCD thus far. Unfortunately, the surgery that he went through had an after effect. He could not control his own brain. Psychosurgery can be seen as an …show more content…

In this this story, Lauran Slater describes sensitivity towards humans and the medical field. The psychiatrists have controls over the medical terms and that they suggested psychosurgery should be labelled more neutrally. The psychiatrists are sensitive to the public opinions as the term itself might sound as painful and scary as it is thus there was a change in the terminology. Slater quotes a psychiatrist that said “In an effort to avoid the stigmatization associated with lobotomies and cingulotomies – is now being labelled more neutrally: neurosurgery” (234). The term lobotomies and cingulotimies sounded rather unpleasant and to avoid the patient to feel degraded so the psychiatrist decided to rename it due to the sensitivity of the term. In de Button’s essay, it was stated that our sensitivity is directed towards a number of elements and we are only aware of a few. “Of the 4000 things there might be to see and reflect on in a street, we end up actively aware of only a few”. (63) This quote comes to say that, one is only sensitive towards things that they wish to see or which they are aware

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