Super Founding Chapter 3 Summary

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Super Founding Bros™ The 2nd chapter consists of a dinner held by Thomas Jefferson to discuss issues of debt and the placement of the nation’s capital. It starts off with Hamilton telling Jefferson about his financial plan reaching a congressional stalemate and that James Madison was the leader of the opposing congressional faction. Jefferson offered to host a dinner for Hamilton and Madison so that they could resolve the issue through conversation. The problem is solved when Madison agrees to not pressure the other congressmen into voting against the financial plan and Hamilton will in turn try to locate the nation’s capital along the Potomac river which would be beneficial to the southern states of which Madison is a part. These parts of the financial plan ended up passing soon after the dinner. Jefferson actually said, in a letter to James Monroe, that he was opposed to the main issue in question which was the federal assumption of state debt, but he was even more opposed to legislative deadlock so early in the nation’s existence. Monroe replied with the warning that “closed door dealings” would taint …show more content…

Quakers have made petitions to the House of Representatives demanding an end to the slave trade. The petitions caused both the House and Congress to erupt in argument over the topic. Furthermore, Benjamin Franklin signed his name to a different petition by the Pennsylvania Abolition Society which also demanded an end to slavery. The issue of slavery became prominent and created a profound separation within Congress. Madison actively tried to avoid the topic of slavery because he aptly believed it to be an issue capable of dividing the nation. One group wanted slavery to be abolished and the opposing group wanted slavery to expand into new territories. Ultimately, it was decided that Congress would have no authority over slavery, and that slavery would not be brought

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