Superheroes In Beowulf

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“An Analysis of the Three Motivations of Beowulf”
Why are superheroes, superheroes? With all the power and supernatural ability they are given, why do they choose to be a hero? Superman, Spiderman, Batman, etc. All have had great impact on society. Why does a person choose to be a good person? The Anglo-Saxon code plays a big role in this. The bigger picture is, what does one hope to gain out of being a good person or a hero? In the Old English, Anglo-Saxon story, Beowulf, Beowulf has three motivations for fighting; it’s his duty, he wants to be a hero, and responsibility to his people. In the story, Beowulf, Beowulf’s first motivation, when fighting the monster Grendel, is his duty. Beowulf has been told by his people that he should fight this great monster. Beowulf possesses the strength and skill to defeat Grendel, therefore he should. This is crucial …show more content…

At this point in the story, Beowulf has taken on the role as king. He now has a large responsibility to protect his people. Now, whether he wants to or not, Beowulf must live up to his reputation to protect his own people. He has no other choice but to fight the dragon that has invaded his land. Beowulf keeping the best interest of the people in mind, is shown in the story, Beowulf, on page 62, lines 815 to 824. These lines state, “ Beholding the treasure he spoke, haltingly: ‘For this gold, these jewels, I thank our father in heaven, Ruler of Earth- for all of this, that His grace has given me, allowed me to bring to my people while breath still came to my lips. I sold my life for this treasure, and I sold it well. Take what I leave Wiglaf, lead my people, Help them; my time is gone.” Beowulf wants the best for his people and he sacrifices his life for them. Before he dies, all Beowulf asks, is that a lighthouse is built in his memorial. A lighthouse leads people just as he

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