The Challenges Of The Quest For Heros In Beowulf

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Throughout a hero 's lifetime they accomplish a quest. A quest is a long and occasionally strenuous search for something. In Beowulf the hero Beowulf completes a quest like any other hero would. What makes Beowulf a traditional quest for heroes is the following: Beowulf travels to an unknown land, in this unknown land he faces a great danger, after he accomplishes his goal he is rewarded, and finally the hero returns home. Before a hero can begin his quest they must have a reason to start one. Beowulf heard of a creature in a distant land that has been attacking a place called Herot for ages and no one has been able to defeat this beast. Beowulf had previously accomplished many dire tasks that posed many dangerous threats to himself. Throughout all these tasks Beowulf survived, one could compare Beowulf to Hercules (other than the god aspect) due to Hercules carrying out several tasks and not perishing from them. Due to this Beowulf decided to go to Sweden (which is wear the monster was at) along with the best men he could find. As a hero Beowulf must travel to a distant land that is unfamiliar with. Imagine Bilbo Baggins leaving his home and traveling to the Lonely Mountain. Even though Bilbo left his home to steal something as part of a contract, he is still putting himself in a land unknown to himself along with many dangers that pose a threat to him now that he is outside of the Shire. Now, Beowulf was not a Hobbit and had much more of a god complex than

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