The Supernatural In William Shakespeare's 'Macbeth'

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Rough draft Today Shakespeare is known as the large factor of most literary readings in mainstream culture. While all things that seem to be paranormal are usually eliminated by the realities of other know beings many aspiring authors that want their books to be looked at and studied just as any other writer, would tell you staying clear of ghost and, goblins ,witches and demons, for the being that these topics are known to be a sure sign of a low blow fiction novel. But the plays of Shakespeare are anything but low and even with the knowing the factors of the novel even being pact with all the fiction characteristics possible. Although Scientist and skeptics are especially concerned that the documentary style shows believe that supernatural phenomenon's can contribute to a dangerous level of scientific illiteracy among Americans, Ghost and demons are real and …show more content…

The supernatural will always be a reoccurring point in may of the plays by William Shakespeare. Hamlet and Macbeth are just a few in there story’s they provide much chaos and bring much power to today’s English literature as it happens the supernatural phenomenons appeal to the audience in every aspect. In conclusion I believe Shakespeare has made a mark using a area of literature that even to day we find a “weak” point and turned it into a area that has to be covered creating a read that has not only changed English but society and the world of entertainment. With the know readings of Shakespeare we learn that supernatural phenomenons are and could be just as real as we make them to be in outlet heads. Although the reality of today we seem to look past witches ghost and goblins they are indeed a fear to be

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