Supreme Court Case: Klopfer Vs. North Carolina

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Klopfer vs North Carolina In 1967, Peter Klopfer, was an African-American biology professor at the University of Duke in North Carolina. One evening, he was present at a nonviolent sit in; which lead to his arrest later on for trespassing. This incident lead him all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court on March 13. When Klopher first went on trial, the case ended in a hung jury. This means that the jury of the court was unable to come up with a decision. Afterwards, the trial lead to a mistrial. Mistrials usually occur if the evidence of a particular case is void, or a decision cannot be met. Lastly, a nolle prosequi was thrown into the case. In other words, the case is discharged but Klopfer could still be prosecuted later on. The prosecutor

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